Flick Wars (Coming to Kickstarter soon!)


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Game Description:
Flick Wars plays from 2-4 players and takes 10 minutes per player to play. This is a dexterity flicking game, and the board is your table. Setup is fast – give each player the discs and cards in their color. All the factions have a unique unit distribution and their own special power. The goal of the game is to eliminate all your opponent’s units by deploying and out maneuvering your opponent.

On your turn, either reposition units on the board or activate a unit. When activating a unit, you can use all the unit’s powers and move or attack with all the unit’s flicks. In this game, everything you do is a flick. When you a move a unit, you can flick the unit as far as you want. To attack, you need to be in range, and then you flick to hit the enemy unit.

Contents List:
18 1″ unit discs with stickers
3 2″ base discs with stickers
1 range ruler
16 Unit cards
2 Player Aid cards
10 plastic money chips