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Eat Electric Death!


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Eat Electric Death! is the exciting board game of tactical starship combat set in the wild and wacky Weird Worlds universe (made famous in the award-winning computer game Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space) for two carbon-based life forms.

Players will command an array of starships from such intergalactic species as the calculating mechanical Tan Ru, the bloodthirsty savage reptilian Garthans, and the noble Zorg, masters of time and space. Annihilation is only a chit pull away as energy weapons, missiles, and even old-fashioned projectiles hurdle across the map while ships maneuver for the optimum firing spot. When found, shields collapse, bulkheads shatter, and sometimes even a reactor blows. For some, crews will work to repair the damage while, for others, salvation is only possible through victory.

Eat Electric Death! plays like a rocket to the stars – fast – with easily understood rules that will have you battling within minutes of opening the box and punching counters. Varied scenario types provide plenty of adventure, and the game lends itself well to inventing your own tales. Intuitive playing aids create a minimum of bookkeeping chores while allowing plenty of sci-fi chrome. Starship combat this sleek is rarely seen on your kitchen table.

If you like your aliens ugly, your starships shiny, and your ship on ship action frenzied and fun, then look no further than Eat Electric Death!, your space opera in a box!


Contents List:

Rules and scenarios
57 ship, weapon and player cards
1 folding board
1 cloth bag
2 d10s
148 double-sided counters

The Deluxe set includes 4mm painted wood blocks, fully stickered, for all the ships and counters. (148!)