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Your goal is to end the DarkStar epoch by gaining control over the deep-defence grid.

Set thousands of years in the future, DarkStar the boardgame is based on classics such as Dune, Cosmic Encounter, and Diplomacy. Each player has a unique faction with its own goals, pieces and abilities.

Your key pieces are squadrons that you move around the board in stacks. The board itself is gridded into systems (where resources are located) and subsectors (empty space).

As the game proceeds, stargates twist space so that squares change their position relative to one another. Conflicts are resolved using tactical core cards that resolve in rock-paper-scissors mind duel. Be careful, attacking pieces won't always win.

You can collect and play Imperial edict cards which give you special actions. But if you are too greedy, you may end the game prematurely with Stardrive Flu!

The most destructive force in the game are antimatter missiles. You build missiles in stages on your systems, and launch them during your turn. These missiles are the reason why the goal of the game - collecting up three different deep-defence codes - is so important. Missile detonations destroy everything in a square and even burn up the square itself so that nothing can enter it. Owning three colours of deep-defence codes makes some of your squares immune to antimatter detonations: upsetting the balance of power and giving you a chance to win.


Contents List:

16pg Color Rulebook
4 piece folding board
6 House Cards
25 Imperial Edict Cards
24 Tactical Core Cards
13 Tech Cards
1 Reserves Board
1 Scrap Zone Board
18 Stargate End tokens
13 Deep-Defence Code tokens
66 Squadron counters
36 Bureaucrat markers
10 Antimatter missiles (d4s)
20 AM-Burn markers
1 regular d6
4 Player Aid cards


Regular version:

-The map is cardstock (not mounted), and is similar to a folding paper map.
-The pieces are 1.8mm chipboard instead of 4mm wood blocks with stickers.

DarkStar Print & Play Files for download.