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You play as one of the apostle in the first century church in this cooperative game. Your goal is to spread the Gospel to all of the wold by praying, leading, growing in faith, planting churches, and withstanding persecution. Commissioned comes with five different scenarios.  You could be spreading the Gospel to all of the Mediterranean, doing one of Paul missionary journeys, or even going as far as India or down the Nile. Commissioned is a cooperative board game for 2-6 players which plays in a little more than an hour. It has a fast paced easy to learn system that has a light deck building aspect and some very interesting mechanics that work against the players.


Contents List:

1 rulebook
1 theme appendix
A 4 piece folding game board
75 white cubes
4 gray meeples
6 colorful pawns
1 D8
30 octagonal "stop" tokens
6 1" square tiles
1 circular tracker
1 wooden elders staff
6 player boards
27 poker "trial" cards
96 mini "faith" cards
5 scenario cards
Fully printed box