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4.5″ Circular Cards



Playing Cards. These come fully cut out. You get 4 cards per sheet ordered. Printing and Qty Pricing are per sheet.


    • Gloss (285gsm paper, thick, shiny finish) (cheapest option!)
    • Gloss Premium Black Core (310gsm paper, glossy finish, Premium Stock. Can't see through even through strong light!)
    • Matte Premium Black Core (320gsm paper, matte linen finish, Premium Stock. Can't see through even through strong light! Great for writing on)
    • Translucent (176gsm paper, semi clear, this is NOT plastic, this is still paper - we recommend printing just one sided on this!)
    • Plastic Paper (244gsm paper, smooth matte finish, Premium Stock. Waterproof, Tear Resistant)
  If you want a sample of these papers, get our sample pack! 


To print your images on our sheets correctly, you need to use the proper template sheet. You need to lay out your images in the proper template and then upload it to this page. You need to upload a file with the exact specifications for us to print it properly!


>> For formatting instructions and template downloads for this item, click here. 


The diecutting process for these special shaped cards will punch out the cards with pressure, this results in a slight beveled edge on the front. The back of the card has a rougher flatter edge. We will include any blank cards on your sheets, unless you ask us not to.


Standard deck of 54 cards is .66" thick in gloss, matte premium black core or gloss premium black core.  

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