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Chitin: I




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Chitin I is a tactical abstract from Metagaming's Hymenoptera game system. It simulates a battle between two hive cities struggling for greater shares of food - the harvest, or bodies of the enemy! Workers, fliers, basics, and the different types of warriors they command make Chitin I a detailed yet easy to learn game in a setting that may really exist...somewhere...
This is the ScottE Redesign set.


Contents List:

1 Box w/ full cover
1 Rules booklet
Folding Mounted Board
2 Player Reference Boards
2 Dead Unit Boards
3 Harvest Boards
21 Harvest Discs (stickered, double sided)
216 Double sided Unit counters (includes extras)
56 Tracking Tokens (includes extras)


Version Info:

Basic Version: Units are standard cardboard counters.
Regular Version: Units are stickered wood blocks (see picture) (Blue and Red)
Deluxe Version: Regular Version and includes a 3rd set of stickered wood blocks ( Green) for 3 way battles.