Chipboard Hexagonal Diecuts

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Counter Shape and Size

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Chipboard Die cut pieces. These come fully punched out and bagged.
( ) The number in parenthesis is the number of pieces of that size on the sheet.

Chipboard: 1.5mm thick white chipboard. You can get it printed on one side or both sides, or blank on both sides for cheap prototyping.

To print your images on our sheets correctly. you need to use the proper template sheet. You need to lay out your images in the proper template and then upload it to this page.

Link: All Templates
Using the correct template
We have pdf, psd and jpg files available for all the different sizes and shapes.

  • If you are getting the single sided sheets, you need to use the FRONT files linked above. (The back of the counters will be white)
  • If you are getting double sided chipboard, use the DBS files.
  • If the file folder has files labeled “BACK”, you will need to upload two files, one using the front and one for the back.

*If you are ordering the 7-hex flower tiles, and you would like to order the 7 hexes that fit inside of the flower, you can order the 1.5″ hexes to fit inside of the 4.5″ hex flowers, and/or the 3.38″ hexes to fit inside the 10.38″ hex flowers. If ordering the 3.8″ hexes, note that they are not a perfect fit, they are slightly smaller than what would fit perfectly.

NEW** 3.9″ Hex Tiles have a template update. If you have the old template, please make sure to download the newly updated template before formatting your files.

See the Formatting page for pictures and help with all our templates:
Formatting Guidelines
Make sure to extend the edge color on all sides of each piece.

Things to check for before submitting your files:

  • File size is the same as template size (usually 8.5″ x 11″ for single sided)
  • 300 DPI
  • The cut lines (black and blue colors) are not visible
  • The green registration and title text IS visible
  • 2mm-3mm Bleed on all edges
  • Text and important icons are 2mm inside of the cut lines

If you are uploading single sided counters or double sided counters with the fronts and backs on the same sheet, you will get a file upload error, since you didn’t use both upload boxes. This is fine.

-Upload the files as png files or jpg files only. We are not accepting pdf files due to potential formatting issues. 

Due to variances in the printing and cutting process, we have a 2mm tolerance rule. This means that your counters can be shifted by up to 2mm on the sheet. This is why we have a bleed line and recommend no text goes closer than 2mm to the edge of the cut line.
The diecutting process will punch out the counters with pressure, this results in a beveled edge and slight bubbling around the edges, the back of the counter has a rougher flatter edge.
Note: If you are getting the blank die cut pieces, note that your bag may include a few more or less than exactly the number on the sheet.

These apply no matter how many different types of diecut sheets you have.

  • 5x sheets     | 5% off
  • 15x sheets       | 12% off
  • 25x sheets       | 18% off
  • 50x sheets     | 25% off
  • 100x sheets     | 35% off
  • 200x sheets     | 45% off
  • 400x sheets     | 55% off (Printed only, not blanks)
  • 600x sheets     | 60% off (Printed only, not blanks)
  • 800+ sheets  | Contact for a customized quote based on your project