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Custom Size Rectangular Cards


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See below for our new custom card template generator!

For cards cut smaller than 1.75" length x 2" width, please email us for pricing and formatting information.

Any Size Playing Cards! These come fully cut out and corner rounded. Listed price is per sheet, not per card. Enter the exact dimensions you want your cards, and we'll cut them out to that size. There is a $4.50 custom cut fee that is automatically applied at checkout. This fee is for the custom setup that is included with cutting a new size. Discounted as of Aug 2020, due to our new template generator!  


  • Gloss (285gsm paper, thick, shiny finish) (cheapest option!)
  • Gloss Premium Black Core (310gsm paper, glossy finish, Premium Stock. Can't see through even through strong light!)
  • Matte Premium Black Core (320gsm paper, matte linen finish, Premium Stock.) - OUT OF STOCK / UNAVAILABLE
  • Heavy Gloss (350gsm paper, very thick, glossy finish, rigid feel)
  • Plastic Paper (244gsm paper, smooth matte finish, Premium Stock. Waterproof, Tear Resistant)
If you want a sample of these papers, get our sample pack! 


Custom cards are formatted very similarly to our regular cards. Use our custom card generator below to generate a FREE template for you. Please follow the guidelines below:
  • Fronts should be placed on one page and backs should be placed on another page (see image on formatting page)
The generator will tell you if you try to put in a size that's too small or too big.


Our slitter / cutter machine runs one sheet at a time. These custom cards still fall within our 2mm tolerance policy.


Standard deck of 54 cards is .66" thick in gloss, matte premium black core or gloss premium black core.  

Custom Card Template Generator

Template any size cards 1.75" x 2" or larger.


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