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Capes & Cowls


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Capes & Cowls is a rules-light tabletop game about Super Heroes. One player is the Narrator who controls The City, its Citizens and the Villains within. The other players take on the role of Super Heroes of their own design, sworn to protect and defend The City. The game can be set up in a few minutes and played as a single "episode" for an evening of fun, or as an ongoing campaign where the heroes work and grow together to thwart Villain after Villain. Everything you need to play besides some pencils and a couple of friends is inside. The rulebook also contains 11 Quick-Start Plots to get your game going with little or no preparation, and 16 random tables covering all the important aspects of the game - Heroes & Villains, Citizens, Factions and Adventure Prompts.

You might like this game if:

  1. You're looking for a tabletop game to play with your kids (or for them to play with each other). We've tested this game with players as young as 5.
  2. You're interested in tabletop games but are intimidated by other systems with lots of rules. All the rules for Capes & Cowls are covered in 8 pages (with comics).
  3. You're an experienced player looking for a "change-of-pace" game that's simple and light-hearted. Adventure awaits! May your City be often safe and your TROUBLES few.

Contents List:

  • Medium Printed Box
  • Mini Cards
  • 3 Character Sheets / Worksheets
  • Rules Booklet
  • 6 Small Dice