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Board Mats


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1-9 $3.80
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50-99 $3.23
100-249 $3.12
250+ $2.96
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1-9 $2.99
10-24 $2.84
25-49 $2.63
50-99 $2.54
100-249 $2.45
250+ $2.33


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  • Gloss (295gsm paper, thick, shiny finish)


Board mats are formatted very similarly to our custom cards. Board mats will need crop marks showing where to cut. Crop marks are like cut lines but they only appear outside the image. Please follow the guidelines below:

-Board mats can be put on any size page, up to tabloid size (11" by 17"). For any size larger than this, please contact us for a quote. 

-Front image should be placed on one page and the back should be placed on another page. Make sure to center the image in the page so that the front properly mirrors the back.

-Crop marks should be placed on the front file for a double sided board mat, outside the printed area.


Board Mat Dimensions

Your board mat will be within 2mm of the size you requested. Note, you only need to enter the dimensions for one of the boards, not on every sheet if all the boards are the same size.