Meet The Team!

Our Team

(From left to right: Mike, Andrew, Jonathan, Tami, Jeremy, Jessie, Eli, Chase)

Andrew Tullsen: Manager

Andrew runs the shop. Nothing happens in the office without Andrew knowing. Everything from the $12 minimum order to the thousand dollar rush order, Andrew has his eye on it. He works hard to insure that every customer is highly satisfied with the product they receive. His long hours, personal contact with customers, and years of experience, make this company what it is.


Chase Van Epps: Assistant Manager

Chase is Andrew’s right hand man, and runs the office when Andrew is off at conventions. He mainly works with custom orders and print and play games. He loves working closely with customers to ensure our product fits their needs precisely.  Chase is also responsible for creating and modifying templates, as well as many of the formatting instructions posted on our site. He enjoys meeting with customers and even makes deliveries for those in the Portland area.


Jeremy Leigh: Processing Manager

Despite having a young one at home, Jeremy still manages to start work at 7am sharp each day. Jeremy oversees the beginning stages of every order. He makes sure files are double checked, customers are emailed with any concerns, and sees to the printing of artwork. Jeremy keeps his eye on every order until it is shipped. He makes sure we keep our 48hour guarantee, as well as the promise of fast and quality work to our customers.


Eli Sausville: Assistant Construction Manager

As Jonathan’s assistant, Eli spends his days in the construction room. He is the hand behind our handmade products. His skilled work is what our customers appreciate about our products. He’s also been working on playtesting the final iteration of Flick Wars. Eli enjoys hitting the rock wall on his days off, and board gaming all night long.


Jessie Barker: Shipping Manager & Customer Support

Jessie is in charge of all outgoing packages. Every order ends its journey in her office. She packages every order with care and candy. If you want your order rushed, this girl has you covered. She ships to multiple countries a day and always does her best to get our customers the cheapest and fastest shipping option. At the end of the day, Jessie is the one who makes sure your order arrives to you safely and on time.


Mike Vander Veen: Community Builder and Media Manager

Everybody loves Mike. From the shop around the corner, to conventions all over Oregon and Washington, it seems like Mike knows everyone. He is responsible the the majority of our face-to-face customer contact, our online outreach, and all of our social media updates. Mike does his best to infect people with his passion for gaming. Here at the shop Mike works to upgrade the website pictures and helps track stock in the workshop and warehouse. Besides his work at Print & Play, Mike is a full-time community developer growing circles of community via ongoing game play groups. He also volunteers as the Double Exposure Envoy Ambassador for Oregon and Washington, teaching games to people at Portland area game stores and gaming events all over the Northwest.

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