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New! Enhance Your Ability to Mock

Of course, this refers to us adding OPAQUE BACK sleeves to our web store.*Card Sleeves - Opaque Back

You likely already know how awesome such sleeves are for quickly getting ideas to the table and allow for last minute changes – even in the midst of play testing – like nobody’s business. In ADDITION (i.e. extra idea here mathematically speaking), opaque back sleeves are PERFECT for keeping a well loved, well used game in play – specially when identifying marks are tempting players familiar with said identifying marks to take undue advantage during game play.

Gamers on the Print & Play Games staff (like Chase and Jonathan, former staffer pictured hereMagical Break Time) have used opaque back sleeves for years and swear by them! (Hmm… maybe that was just frustrated “gamer swearing”?)

(*We would never want you to even think that we’d retail products directly in support of your superiority complex and/or power up your one-up-man-ship abilities. You are seriously silly and dim witted to even consider such mean, debasing thoughts. So, so, silly, really! [ed: So sorry! Our staff writer is clearly not himself today. Rest assured his character card is going to be sleeved in a custom front AND┬áback opaque sleeve for the rest of the day! Remember to have fun at the table AND build up the self-esteem of others. Pictures of kittens and puppies can help.])