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-Do you want to get in on the latest games, before they are published?

-Have a hankering to try out and fix broken games?

-Get a rush from seeing your name in the rules?

-Do you like free copies of games?

You might be in the right place.

From time to time, I open up certain games to blind playtesting – I send you the game, you test it, and report on it. If you do a good job on the reporting, you will get a copy of the game when/if it comes out, and you get your name in the rules.

For now, I have a list on Board Game Geek, you will need to register for an account there to sign up:
BGG Link with games being playtested

Current games open for playtesting:

If you want to be notified of new games to playtest, sign up for my email list (sidebar to the right), or like my Facebook page:
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